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Super Glitch Games is a team of veteran game developers backed by experienced advisors, based in Brighton, UK.

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We are a small studio, with big ambitions

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We craft novel mechanic-driven games that stand out from the crowd and utilize scalable design and schedules to promote success without compromising creativity.

Collectively our core founding team of 3 has over 40 years of game development experience across 20 titles, working with established developers, IP, publishers, partners, and platforms.

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A highly accessible anti gravity racing game for mobile that stands out from the crowd through various USPs detailed in our materials below.

Vector Shift leans into the depth of vehicle customization and progression, utilizing blockchain technology for asset ownership and economic stability.

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our founding team

Chris Green



A game design veteran with over 20 years of experience developing across various genres and a wealth of IP, including Forza, Mafia, Star Wars, Disney Infinity, Silent Hill, For Honor, Overlord, and more. Chris has a passion for business and game design and has an established career spanning all aspects of game design.

Joe Patience



An established game artist with 18 years of professional game art experience across an array of styles and genres. IP includes numerous Need for Speed titles, Harry Potter, Disney Infinity, For Honor, and more. Joe has a passion for deconstructing art and world-building processes and applies inspiration to the interactive format with his strong knowledge base of traditional and technical art.

James Hodgson



An experienced game engineer passionate about games, blockchain and building for scalability. Recent AAA IP are still under NDA and other titles include Forza and Hot Wheels. James builds for the future and has a healthy habit of always looking ahead. His thirst for knowledge extends across multiple languages and game engines.

partners & affiliations

Blockchain Game Alliance32 Bit VenturesNext Chapter Studio

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